November 27, 2023

For the Holiday Season!

We put together some of our favorite female-founded gifts to make your holiday shopping easier this year. We wholeheartedly believe and love each of these items and hope they help you find that perfect something for the people on your list. Plus, nothing makes us happier than supporting women founders while you GET SH!T DONE!

Lindsay’s Favorite Things

Cadence Candle Co. Candle

I am such a sucker for a great candle, but this company (and their beautiful mission) was a 2023 standout! “Be a Light. Embrace Your Individuality. Find your Cadence.”

My pick – The World is Yours Candle.  I love what it says and I love how it smells even more.  These are great gifts for teachers or friends.  I also keep a few of the “Better Days” one in my house for when someone is going through a hard time. 



Le Bon Shoppe Ankle Socks

Last year my sister gave me a cute pair of socks for Christmas saying “our jeans have gotten shorter, but our socks haven’t changed!”  Ever since, I’ve been on a the search for a great sock to peak out of my jeans that is incredible quality and from a great small business.  Enter Le Bon Shoppe.  My favorite is their boyfriend sock in vintage pink or the her sock in Ivory Gold Glitter.




Veracity Home Hormone Test

Give your friend or sister or mom the gift of knowledge this year.  This one is a spectacular find and something most people will never do for themselves.  The Veracity Hormone test is easy to do and will give you so much important knowledge of what is going on in your body.  From founder Allie Egan, who created her company after going through multiple rounds of unsuccessful IVF, Veracity’s hormone test can give you the steps to understanding what the HELL is happening and WHY … whether it’s random break outs, hair loss, weight gain or energy shifts.  Veracity also pairs you up with an integrative nutritionist for a personal consultation once you get your results.   I learned so much when I took mine earlier this year.



Soko Jewelry Earrings

This place is so special.  Soko is a black-owned, women-led ethical jewelry business that connects artisans in Kenya with global consumers.  These earrings are so chic and perfect for every day, and yet they are incredibly eye-catching.  Soko is certified B-Corp so they are working hard to ensure their company is putting out products that are both socially and environmentally sustainable.   Their entire collection has beautiful vision – haven’t seen anything I wouldn’t LOVE to own.




Healthier Conversations Deck

This is one of my new favorite finds this year.  I bring it everywhere: on vacation, to family dinners, or even to date night with my man! I’m not kidding. We go to the burger joint across the street, sit at the bar and ask each other questions!  It’s a beautiful way to spark interesting, intentional and hilarious conversations that you don’t find yourself having in your everyday life.  It’s a great way to break down walls if you’re having a hard time connecting in your busy life, or a loving way to grow thriving relationships.  Or throw a dinner party and put a question at everyone’s seat!  If there is anything I can say at the end of this year, we ALL NEED MORE CONNECTION to each other.  And this is a perfect way to jumpstart it in your life.


Kristin’s Favorite Things

Esker Beauty Bath Wash

If you have a bath person in your life, this is your brand. Their products are clean, smell amazing and do magical things to your skin. They have some GREAT gift boxes right now that include items like a body plane and a bath brush. But the real gems are their body wash and their oils.


Print Fresh Pajamas

I recently received a pair of pajamas from Print Fresh. Their textiles are stunning, colorful and also deliciously comfortable. They also sell loungewear and robes. I dare you to not buy something for yourself while shopping for a comfy robe for…MOM, of course.





Beauty Bio GLOFacial

Both Linds and I put this on our list because we are both obsessed. The GloFacial is a Hydration Facial Pore Cleansing Tool with Blue LED and I liken it to a little vacuum on my face that deeply cleanses, hydrates, and exfoliates at all the same time! The entire Beauty Bio line is worth exploring, but this little item is a real gem.


While You Were Out Book

By Meg Kissinger. Kissinger is a journalist who spent her career writing about the mental health system. In her new book, While You Were Out, she writes about her large Irish Catholic family who suffered from various mental illnesses that drastically altered their life. She tells a beautiful, and often funny, cautionary tale of keeping silent about mental illness. It is a must read.





We are cheersing a virtual glass to everyone feeling the weight of the to-dos at the moment. How about we all just do the best we can this year? Sound good? Great.

Warm wishes for a beautiful holiday,

Kristin and Lindsay